Better Tools for Big Feelings

Calm Caterpillar is a set of tools and curriculum designed to reduce classroom disruptions and leave students with more independence to emotionally regulate

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Used successfully by over 10,000 kids in 40+ schools across the U.S.

Kids need better tools to manage big feelings

(and you need better tools to help them)


Of public schools reported that the pandemic has negatively impacted students’ behavioral development.

National Center for Education Statistics

Calm Caterpillar is a set of products and curriculum that teaches emotional regulation at home and at school.

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The Simple Secret to Calmer Kids

Connecting families with the classroom community

The products help parents/caregivers:

  • Identify their child’s emotional state
  • Use mindfulness techniques to help themselves and their children regulate emotions
  • Create a space to practice mindfulness techniques in their home

The products help kids:

  • Identify their emotions
  • Use mindfulness techniques to process their feelings
  • Build resilience and lifelong skills for handling big, challenging emotions

The products help teachers:

  • Incorporate mindfulness into the classroom with lesson plans
  • Create a calm corner with tools for self-regulation
  • Identify a student’s emotional state and know how to respond with mindfulness techniques

Better Tools for Big Feelings

Classroom Calm Corner Kit

Everything you need to build a welcoming space in your classroom where children can go to practice mindfulness when overwhelmed by negative feelings such as anger and anxiety, or even when too excited. These foundational tools will help you model the right techniques and create the right environment to support your students in managing difficult emotions.


  • Teacher Guide: your blueprint for modeling mindfulness techniques that have been successful with over 10,000 children
  • Tree stump sitting cushion: a fun and cozy seat for students who need a moment of calm
  • Expandable breathing ball: a kid-friendly tool for practicing mindful breathing
  • Hand-breathing + Emotions poster: visual reminders of the Calm Caterpillar techniques for physical and emotional regulation


Breathing Buddies

Meet Calmee the Caterpillar, the adorable and ultra huggable stuffed animal designed to be the perfect class pet! Not only is Calmee a delightful addition to any learning environment, it also has a special mission: to help students practice valuable deep breathing techniques that regulate their emotions and promote a focused, stress-free atmosphere. Each week, this endearing caterpillar will accompany one lucky student home to continue its important work.

Rory is your child’s guide to practicing deep, powerful breaths. With a focus on how lions breathe, Rory’s roars and confident presence enable your child to embark on the journey of Lion’s Breath, side by side with their trusty lion friend.


  • Calmee: a functional plush toy that can be used as a weighted buddy for sensory soothing, focus tool for breathing and counting tool for calming.
  • Class Journal: a step-by-step implementation guide that equips teachers to instruct on deep breathing techniques, paired with a journal where students can document Calmee’s adventures and their own personal growth.

Breath Matters

Core Concept:

Why Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. It involves exercises like meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery and body movement. Evidence shows that practicing mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety while improving physical wellbeing.

Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection

When stress hits, our breathing changes as part of the “fight-or-flight” response. The good news? We can intentionally adjust our breathing to work through challenging emotions. We know from a scientific perspective that when you take a deep breath, the vagus nerve signals your nervous system to lower your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone).

Hand Breathing

Calm Caterpillar teaches

Hand Breathing

  • This foundational technique entails breathing in and out while tracing your fingers, bringing your focus back to the present moment.
  • Hand breathing is key to making the connection between breath and emotional control for kids.
  • It requires no screen and can be done anywhere, any time.
    Kids as young as two years old are able to grasp the concept.



Think about a person’s emotional state like a stoplight. We want to help kids practice hand breathing in the green state as much as possible before working to utilize it in the yellow or red state.

You’ll also learn:

  • Buddy Breathing
  • Lion’s Breath
  • Flower & Candle Breathing
  • Belly Breathing

Calm Caterpillar’s Proven Impact

“It’s really helping students understand that, even when you’re frustrated, you have something at your fingertips that you can do to help control how you feel.”
Iranetta Rayborn Wright

 "We gave the kits to the teachers on the 18th, and they were given the option to start immediately or wait until next year to set up their calm corner.  Most teachers immediately set up their corner.  In fact, we pull groups of students weekly for lessons, and the week that the teachers got the kits, our lesson was on what to do to calm down big feelings and one of the groups told us "you go to the caterpillar center."  We went into another classroom to do a group lesson, and the teacher had the caterpillar around her neck and was telling us she needed a calm minute.  Perfect opportunity to teach the kids calming strategies are not just for kids."- Dee Dillahunty, Dalton ECC Counselor, Uvalde CISD

The Calm Caterpillar Maps to SEL Standards

Continuing the Journey at Home

Calm Caterpillar’s tools for parents and caregivers help create a calm home environment and reinforce the mindfulness techniques kids learn in school.

Home Calm Corner Kit

Mindfulness Starter Pack

Calmee & Rory

Deep Breathing Tools

Dr. Zazu

Interactive SMS Guide

Feelings & Emotions Flashcards For Kids

Portable Mindfulness Tool

Calm Caterpillar Feelings & Emotions Chart For Kids & Toddlers

Kids’ Emotions Chart

Calm Caterpillar Parent Class

Parent Field Guide

Calmee Breathes with the ABC's (book with 26 mindfulness techniques)

Mindful alphabet book

How Calmee Feels - Name That Feeling Book

Emotions Board Book

Calm Caterpillar Coasters

Mealtime Conversation Starters

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